Packing Helper jobs in Dubai


Packing Helper jobs in Dubai Kayan companies have a great repeat in the global due to their benefits. They are examining for packing helpers. Packagers are reliable for the packing of materials, washing items, checking out the items, and discarding useless items according to the company’s operations. Packing Helper jobs in Dubai are involved in the Shipment process, packing material, and driving records of items.


 • Packing Helper

 Industry:Packing Helper jobs

 • Consulting/Advisory Services 

Job type: 

• Full time 

• Permanent

 Education: Packing Helper jobs

• Not Needed 

Age Limit:

 • 18 to 30 years 


 • 1,500 to 1,800 Dirhams


 • Fresh nominees 

Condition: Packing Helper jobs

• Candidates must have excellent management skills and analysis to ensure the products.

 • soft communication for dealing with team members.

 How To Apply:Packing Helper jobs

• candidates can visit to site for further details

 • Address:

 Dubai, UAE

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