Highest Paying Hourly Jobs-Set Your Career

With the rising expense of living, the job creator expected to be more than ever before. It’s more important than ever to understand how much you will make in your picked career.

How to Find High Paying Hourly Jobs

The most useful way to find a high-paying hourly job is to look for a job that you’re qualified for and set your rate. To do this, you require to know the average wage in your area. You can see this information by peeking at online salary databases like glassdoor and salary.com.

You also require to think about how much time you have per day that you can devote to working and what type of work timetable you would like.

If you want a traditional 9-4 schedule, it will be more comfortable for employers to find a position with those hours available. If not, it will be hard but not unattainable.

You can expect to make a six-figure salary if you have a school diploma and no college or skilled degree. 

There are more job opportunities than ever before and numerous people are looking for work. This means that finding a job that pays well can be difficult.

List of High Paying Hourly Jobs Occupations World Wide

We have collected a list of the highest-paying hourly jobs, which will you discover something that pays well and fits your claim.

Dental Hygienist

Dental hygiene is a career that has been on the slope in recent years.

A dental hygienist is a healthcare professional who specializes in averting and treating oral disease, educating patients on how to enhance their oral life health, and caring for healthy dental procedures.

The hourly salary for dental hygienists can vary relying on where they work, their knowledge level, and the hours they perform.

for example, according to the pay scale, the entry-level dental hygienist can hope to earn 35 dollars per hour or more if they are working full-time at a private practice or hospital facility.

Dental hygienists need to have at least an associate degree in dental hygiene, although numerous have a bachelor’s degree. 

Aircraft Pilot

Hourly pay: $45 – $55 per hour

Pilots are in high need and they are among the most admiringly paid experts in the flight industry. They fly commercial and personal planes, helicopters, and other aircraft. They also operate air traffic managing towers, manage airport procedures, and train students.

The average hourly pay for pilots is $45-$55 per hour and $97,400 annually. Pilots must keep a high school diploma and a commercial pilot’s license. They also must have a current FAA medical diploma, which can be obtained via an online course or from your local flight school.

Construction Worker

Hourly pay: $18 – $20 per hour

Construction workers are produced hourly, and the rate changes based on the work they do. The average hourly rate for construction workers is approximately $30. This can vary relying on the kind of work that they are doing and their background level. Construction workers commonly work long hours, so they can construct a lot of money if they can find stable work.

It is a very physically challenging job as you will be raising heavy things and working on your feet for long periods. Construction workers must have a minimum of two years of background and be able to work unassisted and with others.


Hourly pay: $58 and $69 per hour

Astronomers are favourably paid for because of their technical skills. They work in a combination of fields, including astronomy and astrophysics, planetary science, and space investigation. Astronomers may also work with data research or study.

Astronomers can make upwards of $110 per hour if they have developed degrees or many years of experience in their occupation. For example, an astronomer who has earned a doctorate could make anywhere between $95-$180 hourly relying on their job title (e.g., professor vs training assistant).

Police Officer

Hourly pay: $29 to $39 per hour

The career of a police officer is to save the public and implement the law. They are accountable for analyzing crimes and capturing criminals. They also keep order at public events, and patrol streets or other areas to discourage crime.

Police officers are needed to work uncommon hours, such as evenings, weekends, holidays, and night shifts.

Police officers have a middle hourly pay of $38.00 and $59,592 annually, which is more elevated than the median hourly pay for all occupations.


Hourly pay: $58 – $88 per hour

Dentists are paid well for the payment of work they accomplish. Dentists are generally hourly paid employees. This shows that they are paid for the number of hours they work rather than a salary. This can be useful for dentists because it permits them to make more money if they work more hours.

The qualification needed for a dentist’s hourly paid job is a Master’s degree in dental.

Financial Advisor

Hourly pay: $28- $39 per hour

The hourly paid job of a financial advisor is a very famous option for many people seeking work in the finance sector. It can be a perfect choice for those who have experience in this profession, but it is also feasible to get started with little or no knowledge at all.

To become a financial advisor, you require to have a bachelor’s degree in finance or economics.

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