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Job Description ;


English: Google Career Canada


Discretionary (optional) school graduation underwriting

Required Experience:

2 years to under 3 years

Specific Skills:

Address customers’ fights or situations;

Enrol, train and oversee staff; Ensure assets and security rules are conceded with; Provide customer help;


control and survey common errands

Work Conditions and Physical Abilities

Google Career Canada

Quick environment; Attention to detail

Personal Suitability:

Adaptability; Accurate; Customer center; Reliability; Organized :

Employment groups ;

This business moves identical work and opens entries for all employment candidates, Google Career Canada including those self-perceiving as a person from these social occasions: Indigenous people, Newbies to Canada, Youth

Job Location :

5070 Teredo Street

Sechelt, BC

V0N 3A0

Job opportunities; 1

Pay: 276$ Par Hours

Experience: 1 Year
Type of Job: Full Time
Sexual Orientation: Any

Attention to job seekers!!!

Make an effort not to give cash to heads or spotters.

The Employer should give all of the records for no good cause including the visa and report dealing.

Certifiable enrolling workplaces get reimbursed by the business, they shouldn’t for even a moment mess around with your funds.

About this Professional Certificate:

Prepare for one more calling in the high-advancement field of launching the board, no experience or degree is needed. Get capable enthusiasm arranged by Google and get on the Fastrack to truly pay work. There are 479,000 U.S. workers useful open doors in the project on the board with a $73,000 centre segment level salary.¹

Project bosses are standard issue solvers. They set the plan and guide associates, and rule changes, risks, and accessories.

Get sought-after capacities that will set you up for entry-level work. Earn from Google delegates whose foundations in the undertaking the chiefs served in as stages for their own callings.

Upon finishing, you can clearly follow positions with Google and in the quantity of 150 U.S supervisors, including Walmart, Best Buy, and Astreya.

This program prepares you for more than 100 hours of undertaking leader preparation, which puts you up for Project Management Institute Certifications from one side of the planet to the other saw Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM).

75% of Google Career Certificate Graduates in the United States report an advance in their calling bearing (for example new position or calling, headway or raise) in the range of a half year of support fulfilment.

Look at all Google Career Certificates here:

¹US Burning Glass Labor Insight Report payment data (centre with 0-5 years experience) and work opportunity data. Data for supporting sources of income about featured programs (4/01/2021 – 3/31/22).

²Based on program graduate study responses, United States 2022:

Applied Learning Project:

This program reduces over 140 hours of direction and many practice-based assessments which will help you with reenacting actual errand-the-board circumstances that are essential for progress in the workspace.

The meaning is incredibly natural and just made by Google labourers with multiple long periods of inclusion with the program and undertakings of the board.

Abilities you’ll obtain will include: Creating risk in the chiefs’ arrangements; Understanding association improvement plans; Managing speed gains, bunch components, and accomplices; Creating spending plans and investigating securing; Using project the board programming, mechanical assemblies, and formats; Practicing Agile assignment the board, with a supplement on Scrum.

Through a mix of accounts, reviews, and involved work out, you’ll get to know the start, organizing, and running of both standard and Agile endeavours.

You’ll develop an instrument compartment to show how you could solve key undertakings of the load-up parts, incorporating managing a schedule, spending plan, and gathering.

Build the Skills to Get Job Ready:

Whether you’re hoping to start another work or change your continuous one, Professional Certificates on Coursera help you become position-prepared. Learn at your own speed, whenever and any place it’s by and large housing for you.

Choose today and examine one more calling way with a multi-day free primer. You can stop your learning or end your participation at whatever moment.

Hands-On Projects:

Apply your abilities with involved errands and build a portfolio that grandstands your work status to potential managers. You’ll require to actually complete the project(s) to achieve your Certificate.

Earn a Career Credential:

Just when you complete every one of the courses in the program, you’ll secure a Certificate to grant to your master association as well as open permission to professional help resources to help you with sending off your new career.

Various Professional Certificates have used assistants that see the Professional Certificate capacity and others can help with setting you up for an assurance test. You can find more information on unique Professional Certificate pages where it uses.


Work with the community to identify and qualify business open entries, address key client-specific fights and enable the system to decide particular blockers.

Share sorting out experience to help the particular relationship with customers, including thing and game plan briefings, proof of thought work, and associate directly with the thing the board to zero in on courses of action concerning client gathering of Google Cloud.

Work directly with customers to show and show Google Cloud thing blends in client/assistant cases.

Submit coordination process, undertaking designs, stages, and application structure desired to really achieve an all-out game plan using best practices on Google Cloud.

Go to customer districts, gatherings, and other related events.

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